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              Welcome to JUBO VALVE

        永巨博阀门有限公司座落于中国泵阀之乡——温州瓯北镇,是一家集科研、开发、生产及销售各种高、中、低压阀门企业。生产的各种“巨博”牌系列阀门,按照ISO9001质量体系标准执行,广泛应用于石油、化工、冶金、电力、食品、造纸、制药、建材、建筑、热力、给排水、水处理等行业并具有较高的知名度及影响力,在国内外市场都占有相当的份额。公司自创办以来不断以科技创新,努力开发以国代进,主要按中国GB、JB、美API、ANSI、英国BS、德标DIN、法国NF、日本JIS、JPI标准公称直径:3-3200MM,公称压力:0.6-42Mpa,150Lb-3500Lb, 主体材料采用:WCB.WC6、WC9、2GCr5Mo、2G1,阀门驱动方式有手动,蜗轮传动,齿轮传动、电动、气动、液动等。




      About Us

       Our company is a specialized manufacturer of valves. Our ISO 9001:2000-certified casting factory has almost 15 years of experience, and can turn out 5,000 tons of castings per year. Our products are shipped all over the world, and slod well in American, South American, European and Middle Eastern markets. Our annual sales volume exceeds $10 million.

      We devote 100 percent of our efforts towards technological research and line expansion. With more than 15 years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge for valve products and thousands of standard products to satisfy our customers' demands.

      We use hydraulic testers to test valves. All items will be tested; each valve will be tested three times. Our QC inspectors oversee all aspects of production and check each batch prior to shipment, ensuring orders to contain only qualified products.

           Main Export Markets

            We focus on developing and manufacturing valves. These are in addition to our 28 sales centers worldwide.      

            Ninety percent of our products are sold to  buyers in more than 100 countries and regions.

                       Eastern Europe       North America        Mid East/Africa         Central/South America                                  

                            Asia                 Western Europe           Australasia                China(mainland)

           Primary Competitive Advantages

                Country of Origin       Experienced Staff      Guarantee/Warranty         International Approvals

                   packaging                    Price                    Product Features                Product Performance

             Quality Approvals            Service                 Prompt Delivery                 Small Orders Accepted




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